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Gambling is a popular way to make some dough in a short time without making much effort. You do not need to have special education or skills to earn much, all you should have is a bit of luck. Learn more about Megasloto, a proven mobile gambling service.

How to Get Started 

It does not take much to begin your journey. All you need to have is a couple of minutes of your time and filling in some data. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. Click the REGISTER link, either via mobile or desktop web. 
  2. Enter your username, password (and confirm it), full name, email, phone number, and bank info. 
  3. Finish the registration using a validation code. 

Take your time to check everything carefully before launching your game. Your data counts for both account and deposit steps. Once you are done, you can already enjoy all the benefits of the service.

Slot Categories 

If you are in search of big sloto mega 88 mobile apps in Indonesia, Megasloto can be your go-to choice. The service offers a variety of game types and provides great winning chances without breaking a sweat. By joining Megasloto, you can enjoy the best games that include:

  • Casino by IONcasino, PrettyCasino, PragmaticPlay, Evocasino, AsiaGaming, Sbobet Casino, Sexy Baccarat, DreamCasio, and AllBet.
  • Sports for fans of sports betting, fully supported by world-renowned operators, namely SBOBET, Virtual Sport Sbobet, and SABA Sports.
  • Arcade is a new category provided by GiocoPlus, CapitDuit, Mmtangkas, Joker Fishing, and FungkyGames.
  • Poker, a classic beloved game provided by BalakPlay, 9Gaming, and IDNPLay.

Why Choose Megasloto

Megasloto is the best choice for you if you look for quality and reputable games supported by international licensed providers, including Pragmatic Play, Live22, Spadegaming, RTGslots, FlowGaming, Joker, Microgaming, YGGdrasil, Playtech, HABANERO, PgsoftGaming, PlaynGO, Slot88, CQ9, and Onetouch Gaming.

It is a one-size-fits-all solution for gamers of all grades, both newbies and professionals. Megasloto represents a convenient service that offers all the most popular games in one app, caring about your opportunities and comfort. Other special features include:

  • Live TV for website users to watch football matches, lotteries, and other exciting events online;
  • Customer Service that supports the safety of your game round the clock and is accessible via different communication channels;
  • High graphic quality that provides smooth and hassle-free gaming;
  • Various tools for lottery prediction analysis to make your game even more profitable.

Additionally, on the site, you can find all the play guides and strategies you need to make the process clear and smooth. To make the game of its members even more joyful and profitable, Megasloto provides various bonuses.


To wrap up, Megasloto can become a great source of your income. It guarantees safe gaming with tons of winning opportunities. We wish you good luck and success, but there is something for you to keep in mind before you get started. By joining the gambling community, you should be aware of risks you can face and take responsibility for your choices and actions.

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Disadvantages of Watching Pornography

In the olden days, the word ‘addiction’ was largely confined to either dependence on substance (addiction to drugs) or behavioral addiction (gambling). Addiction can be defined as the repetition of a habit which an individual does with his/her complete knowledge. In other words, they clearly know and understand that they have to leave the particular habit of either ingesting a substance or performing a specific action, but cannot refrain from doing the same. The habit may prove harmful in the long run as it might lead to compulsive use.

Pornography can be found in various forms such as books, postcards, photographs, drawing, animation, film, video (video games). Before two decades, if an individual has to watch porn, he has to rent out a video. Although growth of internet has brought many advantages, there are also few exceptions like porn, which any one can access by a single click.

As with all addictions, individuals of all ages share this vice of pornography, they usually start with soft porn. Similar to drugs, they will also need larger doses to make them feel high. They will start searching for more explicit porn content. Although no survey has been done to clarify the factor from small to high dosage, it cannot be ruled out that watching porn leads to negative effects in many cases such as:

Addicts feel isolate, spend large amount of time locked in their rooms or own world. Watching pornography individually separates them from social contact dissolving into a fantasy world far from reality. Pornographic addicted individuals may indulge in imagination with multiple partners by watching porn thus causing disillusionment in family lives.

Men, who are addicted, try to become dominant, introvert, deal with anxiety, and develop low self esteem. Porn makes the real universe and world boring leaving its viewers dissatisfied and less sensitive to the emotional feelings of everyday life. According to a survey, men exposed to large volume of pornography tend to be less responsible in their career and suffer from reasoning ability.

Men who view pornography in a very young age have been found to view women only as objects of desire than to have respect for them as human beings. They can also suffer from guilt, shame, failure of rejection or humiliation.

The best way to overcome the addiction is to become socially active. Isolation and loneliness are said to be the main contributing factors. Addicts who have been given proper professional guidance and assistance have overcome and conquered their habit of watching porn.

Money Obsession – The Root of All Evil

Is money really the root of all evil? We all here the saying but, I don’t think we realize how true it really is. It may not be the money itself, but the obsession over money that makes it the root of all evil. Committing crimes, robbing banks, killing people for an inheritance, gambling, greed, steeling etc. the list goes on. Money obsession is an addiction that has the power to destroy a person’s life and have a strong effect on the people around them.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more money or wanting to be rich. Who would not want to be rich, live stress free and have money rolling out of your teeth. That is what most of us are working for. All of our lives revolve around or have something to do with money but, it is a whole different story when you are obsessed over it. Money obsession can take over your soul and turn a good person into bad. It has the power to control you and what you do. That is why it can be evil.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about money or how you can become rich. Try to slow down and value the people around you or the things you already have. If you are able to control your lust for money and how you handle it. You will find that there are more important things in life than money.

Instead of thinking about the lottery, gambling or easy ways you can get rich fast. Try to use that time to think of a plan and set goals on how you can start making more money. Trying to find the easy way out never works and always comes with consequences. It is never to late to do what you want. The first step to getting rich on your own is to get rid of your obsession over money. Money can be the root of all evil but, it is up to you to change that and make it the root to a better life.

The Addictive Personality Part Two

Much has been written about genetic predisposition and its relationship to addictive personalities. Having an addict in the family does not guarantee that everyone in the family will become addicts. But many believe that hereditary factors can raise a person’s level of vulnerability to substance abuse or other addictions. That may explain why some gamble in moderation and others compulsively-why some can drink for enjoyment and others become alcoholics.

It does seem as if those with the genetic predisposition will engage in some type of excessive behavior but will not necessary choose the same stimuli they have been exposed to. Adult children of alcoholics may never drink but they may become addicted to gambling. Children of drug addicts may exercise excessively or be workaholics.

There is no single gene that determines a person’s susceptibility to addiction. Studies comparing identical and fraternal twins estimate that genetic factors account for 40 to 60 percent of the occurrence of the gene variation.

Researchers have discovered a number of genes that link to addiction through DNA testing. One gene causes dizziness and nausea from smoking and is more present in non-smokers than smokers. Alcoholism is rare in those who have two copies of the ALDH2 gene. Other genes have been linked to narcotic dependency.

Variants in certain genes have been shown to suppress dopamine signals in the brain. Those with these blunted receptors have the need to seek higher levels of stimulation to reach the same level of pleasure as those who don’t have the variants. DNA testing can offer vital clues in battling addiction but the use of it is very controversial. The concern is that some may use this information for discrimination purposes.

It comes down to the nature versus nurture argument. Environment and upbringing are believed to be equally important in shaping the personality. Our life circumstances and emotional experiences may have more influence than our genetic make-up does. Under this theory no matter our chemical make-up, we still have the ability to choose and control our actions.

There are factors that may indicate a higher risk of developing a serious addiction. People who have difficulty thinking about the long term consequences of their actions are more susceptible to developing an addiction. So are those who do everything in excess and/or to extremes, and those who habitually substitute one compulsion for another. For example, stressed out workaholics may come home at the end of the day and start drinking to help them relax. They may use cybersex because they don’t have time for real relationships. They may stress-eat.

Those with addictive personalities are most vulnerable during periods of heightened stress such as adolescence and times of transition. People who suffer from mental illnesses, emotional disorders, and personality disorders are highly prone to addiction as well. Without being aware that they have a condition, they may self-medicate to manage emotions using substances or behaviors to relieve whatever discomfort they may feel.

Nonconformists, non-achievers, and those with deviant personalities are also prime candidates for addiction. Many adult addicts report having been subjected to deprivation or overindulgence in their childhoods. Others report that they were negatively impacted by their parents’ constant, unpredictable fluctuation between over-praise and over-criticism.

Addictions are unmanageable, excessive, and repetitive. The addiction activity begins harmlessly with a pleasurable experience, but over time more and more of the activity is needed to achieve the same effect. People become dependent on the high they get and find it difficult to stop the behavior. If deprived of their fix they will find a substitute. If forced to stop the behavior they will suffer physical or psychological symptoms of withdrawal that compel them to resume the addiction. Over time they lose the ability to cope with life without the addictive stimuli.

People with addictions will deny that what they’re doing is detrimentally affecting them while work, family, and social relationships suffer and their health declines. Their desperation often lead them to take extremes in getting the fix, which ultimately creates financial and legal issues.

Addictions can be classified as hard or soft. Hard addictions, also known as substance addiction, are categorized by the rapid affect they have on many aspects of the person’s behavior as well as the effect they have on everyone around him or her. Abuse of alcohol, barbiturates, and narcotics are usually the source of this type of addiction. This is different than substance abusers who use from time to time. Substance addicts spend every waking moment finding ways to buy and use drugs or alcohol.

With soft addictions the abuser uses activities that are harmless to most people. The consequences of those behaviors are not immediately felt. Cigarette smoking and coffee drinking are two commonly known examples of soft addictions. It is much easier to hide soft addictions and cover up the behaviors that result from them. But soft-addictions have the propensity to lead to more serious addictions down the road.

Gambling is another common example of a soft addiction. Gamblers with addictive personalities go through three stages. In the first phase, also known as the winning phase, the person has control over his or her behavior. The second stage is known as the losing phase. In this phase the person begins gambling alone, gambling large sums of money, and borrowing cash to pay off mounting debt. The third phase is called the desperation phase. In this phase the gambler engages in more risky, sometimes illegal behavior. In desperation he or she may borrow money from non conventional sources. Depression and attempted suicide are common in the third phase of gambling.

Other examples of soft addictions are eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive over-eating. Though there are other factors that contribute to this type of behavior, it can develop into pathological behavior that is very similar to addiction. The anorexic fixates on the goal of losing weight. Once the person begins dieting he or she finds it very hard to stop. Those with bulimia are after the same goal as those who are anorexic, but the mode of operation is different. Instead of limiting their diet they binge on large amounts of food and then purge it before their bodies have the chance to digest it. Compulsive eaters are not concerned with weight loss or weight gain, though the disorder often results in obesity. They have a compulsive urge to eat, whether hungry or not.

Something as beneficial as exercising can become a preoccupation or addiction to those who are predisposed to having one. Running is the most prevalent; runners are known to get a runner’s high and can become dependent on it. This is attributed to mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins that are released during exercise. An addiction occurs when the exercise activity is used as an escape or a coping mechanism. It’s a problem when it becomes so excessive that the body suffers injury, and when it negatively impacts relationships.

Compulsive buying falls under the category of soft addictions. Those who do it are addicted to the buzz it gives them. It has nothing to do with what they are buying, it is simply their drug. They buy only for the sake of buying without ever intending to use it. Those with this disorder often suffer from other disorders such as depression, mood swings, and anxiety. Buying gives them temporary relief, but after they do it they feel heightened anxiety and intense guilt. One study showed that twenty percent of compulsive buyers suffer from an eating disorder as well.

The two newest additions to the soft-addiction category are Internet abuse and cell phone abuse. They are more prevalent in younger generations, though there is a significant number of older people who develop these addictions as well.

Those who have an Internet addiction, also known as pathological Internet use, find they cannot control their usage of it. They may be drawn to online games, social networking sites, or other online sites, and will spend an excessive amount of time there. The use becomes an addiction when withdrawal symptoms such as mood changes are suffered when they are away from it.

Some people become addicted to cyber relationships. A problem occurs when these relationships are used to avoid face to face, interpersonal interactions. This addiction can lead to social, psychological, and work or school problems.

A recent study shows that those who are addicted to cell phone use display behaviors very similar to those with addictive personalities-low self-esteem, approval seeking, insecurity. Cell phones have become indispensable in our lives, but they can reinforce the tendency of over-attachment for those with addictive personalities.