Money Obsession – The Root of All Evil

Is money really the root of all evil? We all here the saying but, I don’t think we realize how true it really is. It may not be the money itself, but the obsession over money that makes it the root of all evil. Committing crimes, robbing banks, killing people for an inheritance, gambling, greed, steeling etc. the list goes on. Money obsession is an addiction that has the power to destroy a person’s life and have a strong effect on the people around them.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more money or wanting to be rich. Who would not want to be rich, live stress free and have money rolling out of your teeth. That is what most of us are working for. All of our lives revolve around or have something to do with money but, it is a whole different story when you are obsessed over it. Money obsession can take over your soul and turn a good person into bad. It has the power to control you and what you do. That is why it can be evil.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about money or how you can become rich. Try to slow down and value the people around you or the things you already have. If you are able to control your lust for money and how you handle it. You will find that there are more important things in life than money.

Instead of thinking about the lottery, gambling or easy ways you can get rich fast. Try to use that time to think of a plan and set goals on how you can start making more money. Trying to find the easy way out never works and always comes with consequences. It is never to late to do what you want. The first step to getting rich on your own is to get rid of your obsession over money. Money can be the root of all evil but, it is up to you to change that and make it the root to a better life.